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  1. the side of a person’s or animal’s body between the ribs and the hip



  1. completeness, refinement, or smoothness of execution; polish

  2. the flavour left in the mouth after wine has been swallowed


flank and finish

tactical battle manoeuvre

  1. an attack on the sides of an opposing army to surround them, fighting inwards to bring about the conclusion of battle



Creative director



Angela Liang is proud to call Sydney home, and is in love with the wealth of creative talent in her city.

Having lived and worked in New York, Nijmegen, Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong - she brings to her creative work a practical commercial perspective from her time as an M&A Investment Banker, combined with a keen eye and a passion for helping both small labels and individuals achieve high-end imagery.

Angela's services encompass:

  • Editorial fashion styling

  • Commercial styling for still and motion imagery: fashion, products, food and interiors

  • Creative direction

  • Still and motion imagery production: casting, location scouting, organisation of cast and crew, logistics, post-production

  • Personal styling: men's and women's personal, corporate and wedding styling, especially if you're interested in lingerie