First foray into lingerie styling - sharing the love from The Lingeristas

Hello new website!

Back when I first made my foray into the world of lingerie styling, it was my good friend Nic Mesker who spurred me on to turn my life-long obsession into still and motion work.

We played around in his bedroom for a few hours (above board) with model Emmaliana Donovan. What resulted was a short B&W series of editorial shots and a fashion film we dubbed Episode 1.

The lovely ladies over at lingerie blog The Lingeristas were kind and interested enough to write an article on our little project, and it brings me pleasure to share it below.

Original article here.

Flank and Finish is the product of my love of lingerie and my desire to create beautiful images that evoke how lingerie makes me feel.

My first collaborator is Nic, an extraordinary photographer and creative mind. We jumped at the chance to create something unique, encompassing both of our passions.

Nic and I met a lifetime ago when we were both young, studying, and looking for a fun creative outlet. He was taking grungy urban streetscapes and I was the first person to pose for him. We would run around abandoned buildings and dark parking lots finding stories to tell.After eight years of life, work, different countries and industries, we found ourselves together again for Flank and Finish.

This video is the very first product of our collaboration. We wanted to bring our story-telling take on photo editorials into something our viewers could hear, feel and move with. We set out to create something alive that would capture the soft beauty of a girl in her own world; with narrative undertones of cheekiness, loneliness, sexuality and vulnerability. 

Our muse for this shoot, Emmaliana, is young and gorgeous. In our choice of model, I am also making a conscious decision to express that both self-love and self-doubt exist across all shapes and sizes. I am as vehemently against "skinny shaming" as I am against "fat shaming" (I shirk from even using those terms) and any other form of putting anybody down. When someone decides to express themselves through their bodies as a model or performer, or when an artist chooses to work through their muse, their creativity should be appreciated regardless of the body's natural or altered state.

In this video and photo editorial, I have chosen pieces from Chantelle, La Perla, Marlies Dekkers, Calvin Klein, Dirty Pretty Things and Pleasure State. Not typically labels you might see alongside eachother, I purposefully styled these to fit our themes of dark and light, femininity and edgy sexuality, self-love and self-doubt.

Our first project came together in such an organic way and we can't wait to show you more.

Peace, love and good lighting.

Angela | Flank and Finish